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Patient Instructions

Once you have obtained all the information you need and have made your decision and scheduled your vasectomy, the rest is easy.


  1. Avoid all aspirin and aspirin-containing products (such as Bufferin, Excedrin, Alka Seltzer) for five days before vasectomy. Also stop ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories two days before vasectomy. Herbal remedies containing garlic or ginseng should be stopped for one week and ginkgo biloba for 36 hours. You may use Tylenol at any time.
  2. Lather and wash the scrotum and groin area well the evening before or day of your vasectomy.
  3. The day before, shave or trim away the hair from a two-inch circle on the front of the scrotum, just below the base of the penis. Or you may choose to leave the shaving to the doctor.
  4. Wear a clean pair of briefs or boxer-briefs, rather than boxers. Don’t own briefs? You may wear your bike shorts or a Speedo to provide support to the scrotum.
  5. Maintain your normal diet on the day of your procedure.

Your Visit to the Clinic

Plan to arrive at your appointment time, allow one and a half hours at the clinic, and plan to go straight home afterward. We do encourage you to have your spouse or partner accompany you and participate in the consultation. She may also stay with you during the procedure if you wish. In any case, we recommend, for your safety and comfort, to have someone to drive you home.

When you arrive and register, we will collect the balance of your fee or your insurance deductible and co-pay.

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The Consultation

During your personal consultation we will review your health history. Be sure to complete and return the brief Health Questionnaire (pdf), included in forms. We will ask if you have read and understand the Informational Booklet (pdf). Dr. Wilson will respond to any questions you have about vasectomy. You will have the opportunity to decline the operation if, for any reason, you have changed your mind.

You will need to sign the Consent Form (pdf). We recommend that your wife or partner also sign the form to indicate her support of your decision and acceptance of sterilization.

Understanding the Procedure

Everything you should know about the procedure is presented in the Informational Booklet (pdf). We can fill in more details and answer all your questions during your consultation. If, on the other hand, you prefer not to hear all the surgical details, you may skip the section entitled, “The Detailed Surgical Procedure.”

After Vasectomy

Please read the After Vasectomy Instructions (pdf) carefully. Prevention is the key to avoiding complications. Exertion, especially straining, during early healing can start a hematoma. Plan ahead if you need to adjust your work or sports schedules to comply with the Activity Guidelines for the next week.

Follow Up Care

Your healing will probably proceed uneventfully, and no routine follow up visit will be scheduled for you. But if you are uncertain about how you are healing, if you are having pain or other concerns, please call us at the clinic for advice.

Semen Tests

You will take home a container and Test Instructions for completing testing before you discontinue other forms of birth control. You may test as early as six weeks, though some patients require several months before they will test clear. If your test is not clear yet, you will be asked to try again, later.

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